Have Dice, Will Travel


Welcome to ‘Dice Upon A Time‘, my little corner of the Internet where I get to share my experience and passion for tabletop gaming and the sword and sorcery genre in all its many guises.

So, what can you expect? For starters, with 37 years and counting of Dungeon Mastering under my belt, you can imagine I have more than a few thoughts on how to run a game. So, yeah, I’ll be delving into that for sure, but I’ll also be reviewing games, both old and new, taking a look at online podcasts, actual plays, and the like, and you’ll get my take on fantasy and sword & sorcery novels, short stories, comics, movies, and tv shows (like HBO’s Game of Thrones, FX’s Bastard Executioner, and MTV’s Shannara Chronicles, to name but a few).

One of my favorite aspects of this site, however, will be sharing artwork, maps, and homebrew supplements from my gaming group’s ongoing campaigns. We’ve been playing together, in one form or another, since 1978. Our current line-up consists of myself, four (sometimes five) lifetimers, and two of our sons. Over the years we’ve played them all — Traveler, Gamma World, Top Secret, Car Wars, Boot Hill, Star Fleet Battles, dozens of Avalon Hill War Games, Star Wars, DC & Marvel Comics RPGs, Middle Earth, Conan, Pathfinder, and more, but as our name suggests — the Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club — D&D is our first love.

Why now? Well, to be honest, I’ve been blogging and tweeting about all these things and more for years now over at The Occult Detective. I decided it was high time to dedicate a site solely to something that has been a near lifelong passion. As for why today in particular? About an hour or so south of me, a little thing called Gen Con is getting underway. Seems apropos.

So, there you have it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a gaming convention to get ready for.