Movies & Monsters (or Be Careful What You Wish For)


By now you’ve surely caught wind of the news that shook the (game) world: Warner Bros, Hasbro, and Sweetpea Entertainment ended their legal dispute over who would be lording over the launch of a cinematic Dungeons & Dragons franchise.


Essentially, everyone’s getting a piece of the pie and they are moving forward with a Warner Bros’ script penned by David Leslie Johnson of Red Riding Hood and Wrath of the Gods fame.

Hasbro’s legal team had this to say following the dismissal: “This settlement accomplished our overarching goal of unifying all Dungeons & Dragons rights under Hasbro’s control, paving the way to make a blockbuster film. It’s a great outcome for those involved — especially Dungeons & Dragons fans who will now get to see D&D on the big screen.”

Wait…come again?

Have they forgotten we’ve already suffered through three disgustingly ridiculous Dungeons and Dragons movies, let alone a retched Dragonlance animated film and, despite some people’s misguided nostalgia, a fairly preposterous animated series?

dndmovieLook, I’ll be the first one in line to see a quality Dungeons & Dragons movie. Once, twice, three times bitten, fourth shy though, right? I want it to be true. Now it’s up to Hasbro, Warner Bros, and Sweetpea (you know, the guys responsible for 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons, 2005’s Wrath of the Dragon God, and 2012’s The Book of Vile Darkness) to deliver.

Word is, we’ll be getting a film set in the Forgotten Realms Universe.

Not my first choice, but I can roll with it.

Their best (and easiest) course would be to adapt the Icewind Dale Trilogy, in my opinion, but with a script already in hand, Johnson’s Chainmail, I believe that ship has sailed.


I want nothing more than this to be successful, for this to be the start of a wondrous franchise akin to what Marvel has done. I think we all want that. Trouble is, the track record is not good… I will remain tentatively optimistic until more news leaks from the powers that be.


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