It’s a Small World After All: My thoughts on #AntMan (with a side of Batgirl)

craigFunny how the world works. Sitting in the movie theater last night watching Ant-Man, Evangeline Lily put me in mind of Yvonne Craig, who, one could say, was my very first childhood crush.

I mean, of course she was.

Yvonne Craig was all over my TV as a kid. She was Marta the Orion slave girl on Star Trek. She showed up on Wild Wild West, The Big Valley, and Dobie Gillis. She was freaking Batgirl, for gods’ sake.

And now she’s gone at the age of 78 after a long bout with breast cancer.

She will most certainly be missed.


As for Ant-Man, which Kim, Conn, and I finally got around to seeing, well, it was, in my most humble opinion, nothing short of spectacular. It narrowly bumps Captain America: Winter Soldier from its lofty perch, but bump it it most certainly does.

Ant-Man had everything I want from…

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