The Duelist

My son is an enthusiastic roleplayer.

He is currently on a kick to have me run a different game in a different genre every couple of days.

I like the way he thinks.

Thing is, his current obsession is to have a more realistic combat simulation. He’s finding the standard d20, round-based combat system too limiting, too nebulous. He wants something more visceral. He wants movement. He wants defined wounds. He wants critical hits and fumbles.

He wants. I deliver. Or try to.


Thing is, has there ever been an RPG that gets it right? Or, at least, comes close?

Jake Norwood’s Riddle of Steel had a lot of potential, I think, but it’s out of print. Harnmaster is another that come to mind.

What I’ve decided to do is take it upon myself to create a new game, with its own rules for combat, in the tradition of Norwood’s approach. I was active in HACA for a few years and still fancy myself a HEMA-Enthusiast and plan to bring my knowledge and training to bear, coupled with a background of nearly forty years of roleplaying.

The idea, right now, is to focus on individual formal combat, namely, a game based around the duel. I am tentatively calling it, simply, The Duelist, and will eventually expand upon the idea.

I want to get the particulars right before getting too deep.

I will keep you updated as it progresses.


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