Fare thee well, #rpgaday2015

Two years ago, Game Designer David Chapman launched #rpgaday, an internet hashtag, consuming blogs, youtube channels, facebook accounts, and twitter feeds throughout the month of August. Consisting of 31 thought-provoking questions related to roleplaying games and the people who play them, #rpgaday has been an insightful event, inspiring introspection, spotlighting games and designers some people may not have heard of, and revealing an interesting glimpse into the minds of fans and creators… at least as it relates to the hobby so many of us are passionate about.

2014 was a huge success and 2015 even more so.

While I have generally taken to twitter to address these questions as they’ve come up, as today is #rpgaday2015 Last Day I thought I would expound a bit upon today’s question.

#rpgaday2015 Day 31: Favourite non-RPG thing to come out of RPGing —

I thought long and hard about this one. Tough question, no?

I turned to my son, who is about 40 days shy of turning 12, and asked him what he thought. His rather quick answer was a good one. “Adventure Time!” he said. Hard to argue with youthful wisdom like that…

But, yeah, as cool as Finn and Jake’s adventures are, there had to be something more…

And then I had it.

These guys:


And this guy:


That picture of my son was taken in 2013, the year he began his rpg journey. He was just nine years old, three years younger than I was when I began playing D&D with those guys in the picture above his.

So, yeah, my answer to the question what is my favourite non-RPG thing to come out of RPGing is an easy one — the lifelong friendships and camaraderie that the game inspired and the opportunity to share the game with the people I love and care about… especially now that my son is into the game.

Back in 2013, Conn had written me a note that I opened after coming home from work. It read:

Dear Dad,

Thanks you for teaching me how
to RPG. It’s a fun game, can’t
wait til next time.

Connor Freeman

Yeah, there’s your answer, internet. That bloody trumps any other answer you might come up with.

See you next year for #rpgaday2016.


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