Horror on the List


bobtober15kimconnrenfaireOn Sunday, Kim, Conn, and I traveled an hour south to Fishers for the 11th Annual Fishers Renaissance Faire, our third year in a row attending. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, primarily because it gives me a chance to see the Knights of Valour Joust Troupe live and in action.

After taking in Molotov’s act, browsing the vendors, and Conn purchasing a couple of LARP swords, we finally approached the arena. We marveled at the armour on display, took a few moments to allow a cameraman to  capture several sound-bites regarding jousting in general and about Troupe-Founder Shane Adam’s former Discovery Channel Reality Competition show, Full Metal Jousting, and then spent some time watching the rescue horses be groomed.

For about an hour before the joust, we sat on bales of straw, eating lunch, talking, playing, and watching children ride the warhorses before the exhibition…

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