The Last Kingdom


While The Last Kingdom roared to life on BBC America, my compatriots and I were engaged in our own brand of ‘medieval warfare’ accentuated by our latest acquisitions courtesy of Dwarven Forge. A group effort in the purchasing, these resin tiles bring an excellent dimension to the gaming table and we look forward to utilizing them even more in the future.

The old gods and the new are both aware that Dwarven Forge is brilliant stuff. They’ve been on my radar for years, but this is my first time using them as a DM. Our test run Saturday night went smashingly well and I look forward to building something bigger and better in a couple weeks.

As for The Last Kingdom? Well, it was far better than the disastrous Bastard Executioner, I’ll give it that, and it has the potential to take a seat amongst the stalwart benchmarks for medieval fantasy on the small screen, Vikings and Game of Thrones.

To be honest, if not for the disregard for and disdain the creators seemingly have to depict accurate weapons and armour, I could see it eventually surpassing both.

The swords and shields in particular I found to be very distracting, but overall, The Last Kingdom shows a lot of promise. It’s well written, well acted, and the violence is palpable.

An adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s brilliant series, The Saxon Stories, The Last Kingdom follows the tale of Uhtred, a Saxon boy from ninth century Northumbria raised to manhood by conquering Danes. It is a story somewhat mirrored recently by History Channel’s Vikings but, ironically enough, hews somewhat closer to the bone, historically speaking.

I am on board for the duration which says something, no? I bailed on The Bastard Executioner after two bloody episodes.


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