31 Days of D&D – Day 2

Day 2 — Favorite Playable Race?


I know a lot of gamers will disagree on this, but for me it begins and ends with “Human”.

In 5th Edition, players are given two options when building a human character: add +1 to all ability scores or +1 to two ability scores, proficiency in a skill of your choice, and a free feat at 1st level.

That, in and of itself, seems like a no-brainer to me, but it goes beyond simple stat adjustments.

I’ve been DMing now for 37 years. I’ve had dozens upon dozens of players sit across from me and very few could ever pull off a believable non-human character.

Players tend to pick non-human characters for the racial benefits, not the role-playing opportunities that they bring to the table.

Few players are able to wrap their heads around the truly alien thought processes these races would possess. Elves, for instance, who age slowly and never sleep — tell me they wouldn’t approach nearly any situation differently than your average human would.

All non-human races have their unique quirks, but it takes an even more unique player to immerse themselves into their character and make me believe you’re a thousand year old high elf arcane trickster with an entertainer background.

I enjoy employing non-human npcs, and do so frequently, but for player characters it’s a near insurmountable challenge. I’ve known but a handful who could do it and do it well.



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