31 Days of D&D — Day 3

Day 3 — Favorite Playable Class?


Until very recently this was an easy question. For me, the quintessential Dungeons and Dragons character class was that of the Ranger, particularly one modeled after Strider from the Lord of the Rings, or, better still, Conan during his time Beyond the Black River.

Dark and mysterious, the Ranger lived on the edge of civilization, defending the weak from the dangers of the wild where all manner of evil creatures flourished.

The AD&D Ranger got 2d8 hit dice at 1st level which in and of itself sold the character for me. Toss in tracking skills, limited magical abilities, their enmity against giant-class creatures, and the element of surprise and you can see readily why the Ranger was the perfect character, versatile and deadly.

I am less a fan of the 5th Edition Ranger, the edition our gaming group is currently playing. Clearly the best class in this edition is the Bard, but more about that another time.


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