31 Days of D&D — Day 5

Day 5 — Favorite Dice?

The last few sessions I’ve been using a set of Chessex red opaque dice with black numbers (d20, d12, 2d10, d8, 3d6,d4) with additional yellow opaque dice with black numbers (4d6) and one black opaque with white numbers (d20).

They are not my favorite dice, even though that red d20 crits often. My main dice are packed into my traveling DM crate, but as we’ve been gaming on Roll20 of late, the “home bag” has been getting some heavy usage.

d20My go-to dice, currently residing in a 30 year old Crown Royal bag in the aforementioned DM crate, are a set of jumbo sized white opaque dice with black numbers (d20, d12, 2d10, d8, d6, d4) with a Q-Workshop jumbo black opaque d20 with white numbers, two Awesome Dice clear double dice d10s with a small red d10 inside the larger transparent d10, a translucent red d30 with white numbers, and a Chessex 36 Brick of 12mm red opaque d6s with black numbers.

I have a lot of dice I’ve collected over the years. It’s a sickness, to be sure.

My favorite dice set, purchased in the mid-8os at The Wizard’s Keep, were black opaque with red numbers (d20, 2d12, 2d10, 3d8, 10d6, 2d4) with additional 10d6 black opaques with white pips. They rode in a worn leather pouch that I’d had since the late 70s.

Unfortunately those dice were stolen in the mid-90s.


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