Three Years Ago Today

reunion The Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club Rides Again

Back in late 2012 I posted on facebook that the geek equivalent to getting the band back together was rounding up your old Dungeons and Dragons mates for a reunion game.

Soon after, my old friend Shaun Keenan and I started talking about making it a reality.

We sent out something like thirty invitations.

I started putting together an adventure with a dozen packets filled with pre-generated characters, backgrounds and story hooks, maps, and such.

Shaun lined up a venue — Ali-Caters in Marion — complete with a full bar and a prom-like dance floor with disco lighting, streamers, and sparkly things.

On January 5th, 2013, Steve Congdon, Michael Duncan, Doug Gentry, Shaun Keenan, Brent Smith, Joe Strunk, and myself rolled dice again, some of us for the first time in 30 years together.

It was an amazing experience… made even…

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