31 Days of D&D — Day 7

Day 7 — Favorite Edition?

My Dungeons & Dragons journey began in 1978. I have played every iteration of the game — Original, Advanced, Basic, 2nd, 3rd, 3.5, 4th, and now 5th.

Prior to 5th editions launch I was a diehard Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition guy.

I loved that game so much. I couldn’t imagine playing anything else. I’d tried the others on for size, but they just didn’t work for me…

dndphbAnd then 5th edition came along.

I was an early playtester and our club bought into it in 2014.

It’s not perfect, to be sure, but I haven’t enjoyed gaming this much in years. We’ve made minor homebrew adjustments, but for the most part, we’re all in on 5th and, for me, it has supplanted 2nd as my favorite edition.

And yes, I’m shocked to admit that.



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