31 Days of D&D — Day 9

Day 9 — Favorite character I haven’t played?

I’ve played D&D for a long time. In 37 years of DMing there have been a lot of memorable characters that have sat on the other side of my screen:

Doug’s Garth Ironfist, Joe’s Speed Talbot, Shaun’s Sir Gavin, Steve’s Salazar Redmon, Mike playing Thaddeus Sexton, Bret’s Torin MacLeod, Andy’s Gurth Kilraven, Brent’s Moloquin Gray…

…but I think the one character I would like to have had a chance to play was my son’s goblin, Ronnoc Nameerf.

ronnocRonnoc started out as the pirate first-mate of Mike’s Malfeus Drake, but quickly became a star in his own right, when he betrayed the party, stole Drake’s cursed corsair, the Deathwatch, and proceeded to create havoc, Davey Jones-style, across the Blood Sea of Enochia and beyond.

The goblin was a magic-user/fighter/thief with an enchanted whip and a wicked blade that sucked souls on a critical hit.

And the ship he stole was the perfect vehicle of destruction.

Built by a cult devoted to the Old Ones, it was a Cthulhuian nightmare and Ronnoc crewed it out with like-minded goblins and the undead.

The ship even had an extra-dimensional Kraken in a treasure chest it lugged about on deck that Ronnoc occasionally fed crewmen who inevitably screwed up or prisoners who were unprofitable.

That goblin was, as they say, a nasty piece of work, and soon after he turned bad, Ronnoc was relegated to NPC status, but for a brief shining moment, Nameerf commanded center stage and was a delightful villain.

Not bad for a ten year old boy with delusions of grandeur and an obsession with evil characters. He created a memorable one…


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