31 Days of D&D —Day 10

Day 10 — Craziest thing that’s ever happened in a game?

I’m going to interpret this as the ‘coolest’. Regardless, there are just so many this is an almost impossible task, but I’ve got one.

dragorAfter purchasing potions at a magic shop from the shop owner’s “sister”, the party heads across town. Running into the shop owner, Albertus, the party thanks him for the deal they got and how helpful his sister was. He replies, “But I have no sister”.

The potions turn out to be poison.

Returning to the shop, they find it being ransacked by thieves. Albertus is killed, and one of the thieves is lowering stolen loot out the window. It is the “sister”.

Taurnil the elf fills her full of arrows as Dragor races to the window, seeing a wagon below filled with ill-gotten booty. He leaps out the window, fighting the driver as the wagon races through the city streets.

Killing the thief, Dragor then has to take control of the wagon…

Very cinematic game session and one of my all-time favorites.


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