31 Days of D&D — Day 11

Day 11 — Favorite Adventure I have run?

I’m not a fan of modules. They’re almost always poorly written and far too leading. I’ve ran a few, but almost never as written… you know, they were good enough to have their maps pilfered that I could then use for my own devices, but little else.

No, my favorite adventures came from my own head, shaped by the players at the table.

There have been a lot of epic ones. Hell, the one we’re in the midst of is pretty damn good in its own right. But the question begs for something more than just epic.

This is a tough one, but…


…backed into a corner, I believe “my favorite” would have to be our reunion-fueled foray into Enochia. It had political drama, sinister villains at every turn, mind-bending time travel, and even its own version of Against the Giants.

My most heartfelt thanks go out to the cast of characters (and the players who gave them life) for making it an amazing year and a half run — Cassius (Joe), Dugan (Doug), Gavin (Shaun), Grammoline (Brent), Malfeas (Mike), Ronnoc (Connor), Thurston (Steve), and Wulfgar (Doug), plus some memorable NPCs such as Astrid, Lauranna, and Wulfram.

Every campaign and adventure has been special in one way or another, but Enochia was the one that rekindled the fire and brought the Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club back together.

Hard to top that one.


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