31 Days of D&D — Day 12

Day 12 — Favorite Dungeon-type or location?

Dungeons & Dragons is a blank canvas upon which you can paint anything that your heart desires. I love it all, from the twisted streets of some nefarious seaport to the darkest dwarven ruin in the depths of the earth, from the lush green elven forests to the cruel wintered climes where the Frost Giants dwell.

Nothing, however, screams a Dungeons & Dragons fantasy adventure like a good old fashion dungeon crawl. In my mind,if I close my eyes and imagine Dungeons & Dragons, I conjure up images of the Tolkien’s Mines of Moria, beneath the Misty Mountains.



The Company spent that night in the great cavernous hall, huddled close together in a corner to escape the draught: there seemed to be a steady inflow of chill air through the eastern archway. All about them as they lay hung the darkness, hollow and immense, and they were oppressed by the loneliness and vastness of the dolven halls and endlessly branching stairs and passages. The wildest imaginings that dark rumour had ever suggested to the hobbits fell altogether short of the actual dread and wonder of Moria.

`There must have been a mighty crowd of dwarves here at one time ‘ said Sam; `and every one of them busier than badgers for five hundred years to make all this, and most in hard rock too! What did they do it all for? They didn’t live in these darksome holes surely? ‘

`These are not holes,’ said Gimli. `This is the great realm and city of the Dwarrowdelf. And of old it was not darksome, but full of light and splendour, as is still remembered in our songs.’


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