31 Days of D&D — Day 13

Day 13 — Favorite Trap or Puzzle?

The traps I use the most are poisoned needles in a lock. They seem the most basic and practical nuisances for adventurous rogue-types. I’m also fond of illusory terrain and puzzling mosaic patterns… and I tend to perhaps overuse fireball traps, but dang they’re fun… but my absolute favorites involve elaborate riddles.


Sometimes they don’t have to be all that elaborate.

Say your party finds a scrawled message that reads:

Order out of chaos reveals the hidden truth.

They are then presented with a banquet table with seven chairs and a statue holding a mirror at the head of the table. Investigating the table reveals numbered scratches before each chair. Investigating the chairs, numbers are found on the bottom. Line up the proper chair with its corresponding spot round the table… but nothing happens, at least not until someone sits in the hair opposite the mirror, at which point a secret door opens.

Toss in the player seeing him or herself differently in the mirror, some sort of prescient adumbration, and you’ve got campaign gold.


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