31 Days of D&D —Day 15

Day 15 — Favorite Undead Monster?


In August of 1981, after two years of bickering between TSR and Games Workshop, Dungeons & Dragons introduced the Fiend Folio. I remember asking Anne Haisley at Redbeard’s to order it for me and it arriving around Hallowe’en that year.

The Fiend Folio was filled with all sorts of cool new monsters —bonesnappers, caterwauls, envelopers, githyanki, svirfneblin, and the like — but the one that caught my eye and fired my imagination was the Death Knight.

Created by Charles Stross, the Death Knight was a lich created by a demon prince from a fallen paladin. It rode a freaking Nightmare and could cast a 20 dice fireball. It generated fear, detected magic and invisible objects at will and could kill with a word.

Add in 18(00) Strength and a magic sword and, well, if this wasn’t one of your most favorite ‘monsters‘ from Dungeons & Dragons then you were as dead inside as that freaking Death Knight was.

death knight


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