31 Days of D&D — Day 16

Day 16 — Favorite Aberrant Monster?


Few creatures in Dungeons & Dragons invoke the dread that simply the suggestion of a Mind Flayer does. The Illithid is pure, unadulterated cosmic horror, Lovecraftian and chthonic.

Inspired by the cover to Brian Lumley’s The Burrower’s Beneath, Gary Gygax unleashed Mind Flayers on the world in 1975. D&D was never the same after.

These vile, super-intelligent, otherworldly antagonists were fearsome from the start, armed with a mastery of psionic disciplines that included a mind-blast that shivered the timbers of many a would be adventurer across multiple universes.

The Mind Flayer is an awe-inspiring fiend of the first order, the quintessential evil masterminds who are twirling their…er, uhm, tentacles… as they hatch their machinations from their subterranean cities… The Illithids are brilliant, deadly, and altogether ruthless, with an unshakable sense of superiority.

This is their world and you are merely a thrall, subservient to their whims.


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