31 Days of D&D — Day 17

Day 17 — Favorite Animal or Vermin?

Here’s an odd one because my favorite today was my least favorite 30+ years ago.


Owlbears were, back in the seventies, ridiculous. Granted, stats-wise, they were fearsome creatures, but as a kid I could never wrap my head around the ludicrous name nor its less than inspiring artwork.

Knowing the history of the creature now, being a critter found in a bag of dinosaurs nabbed in a 5 and Dime for minis by Gygax himself, I get it.

It’s still dumb… but I get it.

In recent years though, artists have reimagined the owlbear and, to be honest, more than a little bit of nostalgia has crept in, transforming the owlbear from loathsome to awesome.

I mean, look at this thing… scary? Yes, indeed.


Claw, claw, bite, a 21 Strength, and more than 50 hit points… This is not the kind of beastie you want to stumble upon in the wild, especially at low level.



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