31 Days of D&D — Day 21

Day 21 — Favorite Giant-Type?

Giants, Ettins, Ogres, Trolls… My love for Norse Mythology and Folklore assured these creatures a warm place in my heart and my favorite of their lot should come as no surprise. And while I was very familiar with their stat block in the Monster Manual, it wasn’t until my very first game session as a player as opposed to DM that my attraction turned to fear and fear turned to love.


The Frost Giant touched something inside of me, like an ancient ancestral memory passed down through  the centuries from my forefathers of old. During that fateful first session, armed with my first level fighter, I realized what true terror was at the hands of these monstrosities.


The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl was a great introduction to roleplaying from the other side of the Dungeon Master’s Screen.

As a first level fighter, I was totally out of my league and spent the majority of the adventure hiding from their onslaught of hurled boulders.

Any one of them would have crushed me.

But despite that guttural terror that gripped me both as a character and a player, I was drawn to these magnificent creatures, pondering their social structure, their traits and behavior. And I was always looking to marry them even more closely to those found in mythological sources.


I have my own take on the Frost Giant, slightly left of center from that found in Dungeons & Dragons (and derivative rpgs), but up to now have kept them close to the vest. When DMing, I tend to stick to the current edition’s stat block.


But all that’s about to change, relatively soon, in my Club’s campaign. These guys have climbed into the mid-levels. It won’t be long now before a trip to the north is called for and they are introduced to my not-so-little friends.


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