Conan! by E. Gary Gygax

gygax conan1gygax conan2


It is no secret that Gary Gygax was a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s Conan. Reading this article, and subsequent ones as well, such as his review of the John Milius/Arnold Schwarzenegger film, you really get a sense of what an inspiration Howard’s Conan was to the creation of Dungeons & Dragons.

I found TSR and Mongoose’s attempts at a Conan RPG to be largely unfortunate. Both had things I liked, but ultimately they failed to capture the spirit of the source material.

I know that some of my fondest gaming experiences have come from loosely attempting to ape Howard’s style and reproduce it at the gaming table.

I’ve gotten away from that of late.

Dungeons & Dragons, at its core, was able to hew close to Howard story-wise, but it was the actual combat that always fell short.

Here’s to hoping Modiphius’ take scratches that itch. The 2d20 system seems to allow for the sort of kinetic, immersive combat that a Conan game needs, and with an impressive array of Howard scholars on board to steer the ship in the right direction, this just might be the perfect marriage of roleplay and combat that we’ve been looking for.

Time will, of course tell…

If you have trouble reading the above Dragon Magazine excerpt, here’s a pdf to peruse: Gygax Conan


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