I’ve seldom been a PC kind of gamer, but that’s about to change

I am preparing, come Wednesday, to sit down at the gaming table as a player character for the first time since 1988. To be honest, I have not experienced the game from the other side of a DM Screen more than about a dozen times in the 38 years I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons. It’s the Dungeon Master’s hat I’ve been wearing these past four decades of gaming and I wear it well, if I do say so myself.

So what’s inspiring me to dust off a character sheet and shoulder the weight of a 5th Edition Fighter? My 12 year old son, of course. Connor wants to have a go at DMing, and I couldn’t be happier. The kid is a natural storyteller and I’m looking forward to seeing what dangers he has in store for my world-weary battle master.


So that’s three campaigns I’m now a part of. Conn and I will be playing our weekly Wednesday game with him at the helm, then we have the Oak Hill Next Gen game that meets every Friday, and of course, the mothership, our biweekly (or so) session with the Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club.

I’ve got to admit, I’m really excited to get a chance to play the game from the player’s side of the table, to feel that rush, fueled by uncertainty, and to actually be at the mercy of the dice.



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