Day 2: Best Game Session? #RPGaDay


Day 2: Best Game Session Since August 2015?

Questions like these are always the hardest. We’ve had so many great sessions this past year, it’s almost criminal to pick but one.

Standouts include the assault on the Tower of High Sorcery where the Blood Brotherhood learned the Demon of Crowhaven’s True Name, the Battle of Giantsdance Castle and the Bloody Convergence, Drowtown, the Bottling of Bertruz, the Slaying of Vagnarok in Castle Lokigrim, revisiting the Tomb of Horrors…

We also launched a campaign for the younger generation of players that’s found me DMing for my son Connor (12 years old), Brent’s son Kasey (13 years old), and Kasey’s cousin Jaden (11 years old). That’s been a lot of fun and our sessions have been a real throwback to what it was like when I first started playing back in 1978 when I was a 12 year old Dungeon Master.

There was also some great playtesting of Modiphius’ new RPG based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan. Through it, we got to learn a new system, 2d20, and submerge ourselves into my favorite author’s fictional (?) Hyborian Age.

But I think, after much deliberation, that my favorite session was one played between myself and my son.

Ruse Governance

With the Blood Brotherhood Campaign beginning to wind down, I’ve been hard at work preparing our next, complete with a binder full of homebrewed rules meant to make this campaign far more visceral and chock-full of political intrigue.

Connor’s been a big help and we’ve been giving the world a spin and in one particular instance, his character is attacked in an inn in an apparent assassination attempt. Connor slays his attackers with help, but is poisoned and proceeds to pass out, drifting in and out of consciousness for an extended period, something we played out in lurid detail.

It was smashingly fun and literally edge-of-your-seat roleplaying throughout.

So, yeah, best session since August 2016. Hard nut to crack, but cracked it I have.

Till tomorrow.


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