#RPGaDAY Day 3: Character moment you are proudest of?


Day 3: Character moment you are proudest of?

As hard as yesterday’s question was, today’s is even harder. See, I have been pretty darn near exclusively a DM since 1978, so I’ve but a handful of “character experiences” to draw from.

Do I try to pluck a moment from the not-much-more than a dozen times I actually got to sit on the civilian side of the DM Screen? Do I tip my hat to someone else’s moment when my DM cap was on? Or do I shake the question up and make it a DM moment I’m proud of?

Let’s just throw a monkey wrench into the works and tweak it just a bit more but try to stay true to Runslinger’s question.

Here we go:

The character moment I am most proud of came recently when Connor, my twelve year old son, took the Dungeon Master reins for a Dungeons & Dragons 5e Adventure set in a  world he created from scratch.

Connor put together a couple of impressive adventures, putting my Viking-inspired warrior through the paces. It was a lot of fun and he is a natural storyteller, so he kept the action coming and me on my toes.

I guess my proudest moment came from the fact that I was playing a cool character, utilizing the shield master feat to awesome effect, in a story my son had created. Standing on a dock, with longsword and shield, facing down a far more powerful northman, a seafaring scourge that possessed a longship that i was in desperate need of.

I fought valiantly, of course, and with honor, using every feat and trick I could pluck from my character sheet. I was proud of that victory over a superior opponent, not because I’d won the day and, by extension, the ship I needed to use against marauding knights, but because my son had put together such a fascinating situation.

Connor designed a great world and I was thrust into the action, forced to either rise to the challenge or die like a dog. It was guttural, visceral, and it was a great moment not only for me as a player, but as a father.



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