#RPGaDay 2016: Day 4: Most Impressive Thing Another’s Character Did?


Day 4: Most Impressive Thing Another’s Character Did?

This was a harder question than I’d anticipated. For starters, I want to keep this in a “since August 2015” context and this past year has been full of epic moments. Of course that directly plays into my second issue, and that’s that everyone at the table has had their time to shine and be the hero.

It’s a hard selection and one I’ve given a lot of thought to.

I’ve come perilously close to tapping Kwyx for the honour. In our most recent game, the goblin assassin made a bold move to con a Balor Demon, using prestidigitation to create an illusory fragment of the Staff of the Arch-Magi, an item highly coveted not only by the forces of evil, but by our heroes as well.

As great as that character moment was, however, I believe the nod needs to fall on another character who is equally short of stature.

A few months back, our not-so-merry band of intrepid adventurers found themselves in my version of Ravenloft, locked in deadly combat with the dread Vampire Lord Vagnarok in his perilous estate, Lokigrim Castle.

Things were looking rather grim for our heroes until a diminutive gnome thief by the name of Niblung Ankleshanker picked the pocket of his friend and ally, the elven warlock Sardonis Gentari, to liberate a powerful magic item from his inventory.

That magic item was a silver wire garrotte, enchanted to produce a steady stream of holy water from it. While the vampire was occupied with the rest of the party, Ank slyly sneak attacked the villain, doing serious damage to the fiend and leaving him open to Sardonis’ killing blow.

All in all. it was the perfect endcap to our foray into that death realm and one of the highlights of a two year long campaign.


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