#RPGaDay Day 6: Giving Back


Day 6: What is the most amazing thing that you know
a game group has done for their community?

Runelsinger is not making this easy. Altruism is not exactly the first thing one thinks of in regard to gaming groups. Oh, they tend to support their local economies. Pizza, snacks, beer, and soda don’t come cheap, not to mention the influx of cash into their local game shops and stationary stores. But I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for here.

I think the most important thing our group has done for our community is to shepherd the next generation of players.

Our core group is aged between 49-52 years, but we launched a second group, with me DMing, for a far younger crowd.

Let’s face facts, I love this game. I’ve been playing since I was 12 years old. Now, at age 50, I have a twelve year old of my own. I could think of no greater gift to give him than to share my love of roleplaying games.

When Brent, my lifelong friend and fellow diceslinger, passed away one of the first things I thought of to honor his memory was to bring his son into the game.

We now play every Friday. My son Connor, Brent’s son Kasey, and Kasey’s cousin Jaden make up the core of the group, and we’ve been joined recently by Kasey’s pal Cayden.

Roleplaying games have been an enormously positive influence in my life and sharing that with these young men has breathed new life into the game for me, but more importantly, the idea of giving back to the game I love, of seeing these young players embrace the game in the same way we did when we were so much younger, fills me with a sense of pride.




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