#RPGaDay Day 7: RPG’s biggest effect on you?


Day 7:  What aspect of RPGs has had
the biggest effect on you?

On my way out the door for the final day of Gen Con, so today’s answer will be short and sweet. Luckily it’s a easy one, at least for me.

Since I was a wee lad, I’ve known I was going to one day be a writer. Storytelling has been in my blood almost from day one, and the thing is, discovering D&D at twelve sort of cemented that for me.

More than that, though, D&D’s unique narrative component, something altogether unheard of before, helped shape, mold, and hone my storytelling and improvisational skills.

D&D and RPGs in general have given me so much, but that storytelling component certainly has had the biggest effect.


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