#RPGaDay Day 9: What makes an ideal session?


Day 9: Beyond the game, what’s involved in an ideal session?

For me, when a game session clicks there is usually one very important aspect of the game that shines and that is roleplay.

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t every session all about roleplay?

Well, yes… and no.

What I mean is those moments when players interact “in character” with each other and with the NPCs they come into contact with.

It happens far less than you might think, despite my best efforts, especially with older players. Gamers can fall into a rut, not become involved in the story, and just be in dice-tossing mode. When I know it’s working is when the players at the table are invested in what’s happening and their muggle persona falls away and they “become” the heroic figure that was previously but numbers on a character sheet.


Those who “play” Dungeons & Dragons (and games like it) will always be divided into two camps: Games and Roleplayers.

I prefer a table of roleplayers and when that happens that’s what makes an ideal session for me.


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