#RPGaDay Day 10: Largest in-game surprise?


Day 10: Largest in-game surprise you have experienced?

There have been a number of the years and some darn good ones. I think the one that wins the gold medal came courtesy of my pal Joe’s Sephus Brananburh and his dragon crown.

Double-crossed by a shapeshifter masquerading as his younger brother, Sephus polymorphed into a white dragon, flew east to capture the doppleganger, attacking the first stagecoach he came across. The shifter wasn’t there…

He then took to wing, flying back to the city and destroying every ship in the dockyard and some not yet to port, all to ensure the shifter would have no means of escape.

Needless to say, this Dungeon Master was more than a little surprised by this chain of events. Luckily, a bit of time travel course corrected the events and all was properly aligned, but still, that was one helluva game session.



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