RPGaDay Day 14: Your Dream Team of Players You Used to Game With?


Day 14: Your Dream Team of Players You Used to Game With?

I guess the operative word in today’s challenge is “used”. I currently play with a great group of guys who, with the exception of my son, were guys I played D&D with in my teens and early twenties. I also play with another group, all right around my son’s age, and they’ve been a lot of fun too, but this is a dream team of players I don’t currently sling dice with, so here goes…

From my old high school D&D mates, I would love to sit down and play with Laurell K. Hamilton, John Hall, John Fleck, Clark Brady, Marty Chaplin, Shannon McBride, Brian Ferrand, Andy Winters, Greg Nester, and Chris and Mark Kaiser for old time’s sake.

I think some of my fondest memories, born from a truly spectacular campaign, however, come from our group in college, circa 1987-88 though. At the table were Brent Smith, Jill Wilson, Chris Hunter, Andy Stradling, Soni Shenniger, David Grandstaff, David Wood, and my brother Bret Freeman.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that campaign of late, set on the Isles of Cam’elorne. A kingdom fractured, beset by unseen, supernatural forces, a rag-tag band of heroes led by a ranger prince were forced to rise against the stain of evil on the land.

Ring Warrior

There were some memorable events strung throughout that eight or nine month campaign and some of those characters still stand out in my mind, like the assassin Gurth Kilraven with his Hand of Death and Raven Wings, Torin MacLeod and his Hammer of Thunderbolts, or their stoic leader, Prince Corum, wielder of the magical Moon Bow.

My only regret as DM was having killed Jill’s horse. That was unnecessary on my part.

If you read this Jill, sorry…

Anyway, this was a fun question that sent me down memory lane, and I am lucky as hell to still be playing this game after all these years, and with people I truly care about.

I think it might be time to put out another reunion call and see if we can drag in any more of the old gang, at least for one more session at the old gaming table.


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