#RPGaDay 2016 Day 16: Historical Person you’d like in your group? What game?


Day 16: What historical person would you like to have at your
gaming table and what game would you play?

There’s so many different ways to go with this. A lot of very different and diverse historical figures bounce around in my head… And I had to wonder, what exactly does Runeslinger mean by “historical”?

My first thought was “celebrity”, but I think if that was Runeslinger’s intent, he would have chosen that word. So I presume that we’re to look to actual “history” to draw a new player to our table…So I won’t be choosing Robin Williams or Aleister Crowley or JRR Tolkien or any other such whimsical choice.

History. Hm???

That’s a far more difficult question.

First, let’s get the second part out of the way: we’re playing Dungeons & Dragons. It’s always D&D. Except when it isn’t, but that’s a rarity.

Now, as to the “historical figure”, I think I would invite William Shakespeare, presuming he is the actual author of the tales for which he is accredited. Being both an actor and playwright, he would surely feel right at home in a collaborative fantasy.


He would, of course, play a Bard and I would eagerly await his casting of Vicious Mockery so that I could hear such stinging retorts as “you should be a woman and yet your beard forbids me to interpret that you are so” or “a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours, what a piece of work you are“.

Yeah, I think Ol’ Bill would be right at home and take to the game with fervor.

Why I can see it now as our players confront a foul beastie, an owlbear perhaps, looking to do much harm. It’s back and forth, a bloody melee to be sure, when one of the fellows upon their turn lets fly a d20 and in turn a 20 stares up to the heavens.

“Critical Hit!” he cries.

But the Dungeon Master doubts this turn of events and questions the player, when Bill says eloquently, leaning over the table, a cocked eyebrow and subtle grin upon his lips,”He hath spoken true; the very dice obey him.”


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