#RPGaDay Day 20: Most challenging but rewarding system?


#RPGaDay Day 20: Most challenging but
rewarding system you have learned?

Today marks the 126th Anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft’s nativity and so it seems appropriate to tip my hat toward the Holy Triumvirate of Lovecraft gaming: Call of Cthulhu, Mansions of Madness, and Elder Sign.


I discovered Sandy Peterson’s Call of Cthulhu in the early ’80s, shortly after its release.

The most challenging aspect of the game, and the others I mentioned, was finding people to play them with.

I was seldom successful. We were a Dungeons & Dragons group. Sure, we played other games, lots of other games, but never for more than a random session here or there.

Same can be said of Mansions of Madness and Elder Sign.

Thankfully, Elder Sign, one of my favorite games, can be played solo… Even more thankfully, I have a twelve year old son who is always eager to try out new games and we were able to combine all three games into a weird hybrid of Lovecraftian goodness.


Some of those elements and innovations have made it into the Occult Detective RPG we’ve been developing.

Thanks to the internet and platforms like roll20, finding like-minded gamers is not the challenge it once was, and these games, especially as a synthesis, are more than worth the effort.

bordermengamesOf course, once Bordermen Games rolls out Gumshoes & Grimoires: The Occult Detective RPG, you’ll be faced with a new challenge. And for that, I can’t wait.

Today, Lovecraft’s Birthday, my son and I are working on the Occult Detective RPG, slowly working our way toward official playtesting.

Seems appropriate…


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