#RPGaDay 2016 Day 26: What hobbies go well with RPGs?


Day 26: What hobbies go well with RPGs?

When I think of hobbies related to RPGs, the first thing that comes to mind is something that is not a hobby of mine, but I have some good friends who are shoulders deep into it — painting miniatures.


I never had the patience for it myself, but I love a well painted mini.

The image on the left was painted by my near lifelong friend Shaun Keenan who has been slapping acrylics of pewter for nearly forty years.

I’d say he has a knack for it.

These 25-28mm lumps of lead are really brought to life by the stroke of a brush and I am sorely tempted to dive into it, but I’ve so many irons in the fire I just don’t see any way to manage another hobby.

I have too many as is.

I have tackled crafting terrain pieces and dungeons on occasion, utilizing cardboard, styrofoam, and odds and end bits I pick up at yard sales. There’s a couple of hobbies rolled into that.

I’m also a bit of an artist and I love to draw maps, whether they be for world, city, or encounters. Sometimes I draw by hand on posterboard, or on paper to be scanned into the computer and dressed up in Photoshop. That’s probably the hobby that comes in secondary to my main compulsion…

What hobby ranks number one with me that goes well with RPGs? Spinning yarns. Whether it’s yapping my jaw or scribbling words on paper, I love to tell tales and there is no better way to do so than through the shared storytelling that RPGs afford.


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