#RPGaDay Day 27: Most unusual gaming circumstance or location?


Day 27: Most unusual circumstance or
location in which you’ve gamed?

After 38 years of gaming, you can well imagine I’ve played in some crazy places and under some, let’s say interesting situations: I’ve played D&D in caves and the deep woods, Call of Cthulhu in an old abandoned house and in more than one graveyard, Marvel Super-Heroes along the waterfront, and more than a few games under the influence of various this and thats. Our current gaming site is in a haunted Odd Fellows Lodge, so yeah, we know a thing or two about unusual locations and circumstances…


But I think one of my favorites was when we played our 2013 Reunion Game at Ali-Caters in Marion.

Shaun arranged for us to borrow the building for that game in January, three and a half years back. Walking in, we entered a ball room, complete with a disco ball and surreal lighting. Beyond that was a rustic bar, fully stocked, with round pub tables. It really was an ideal setting.

It was an exciting game. I’d not gamed with Shaun, Mike, and Steve since the mid-80s, Brent since the early 90s, and with Doug and Joe it had been about 6 years or so.

This really was a reunion and it was as magical a time as I’ve ever had in an RPG session.

Best part is, it’s become a monthly, if not bi-weekly, part of our lives ever since.


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