#RPGaDay Day 30: Your ultimate game room?


Day 30: Describe the ideal game room if the budget were unlimited.

This is probably an easy question for most gamers because they spend so much time fantasizing about it.

My game room would be a recreation of a medieval pub, with a fireplace, full bar, a couple of small round tables here and there, but with a huge custom built banquet table dominating the center of the room.


The walls would be adorned with weapons, shields, tapestries, and banners.

There would skulls and mounted trophy heads and suits of armour.

And there’d be a hidden closet full of manuals and board games and minis and what have you.

And a dart board. There has to be a dart board.

That custom table has to have a ginormous LED monitor tucked inside it and be totally integrated to a computer that I access via the built-in DM Screen, from which I can, when situations call for it, run a virtual tabletop for maps. I’d also want to be able to control mood music and special effects, but without ruining the verisimilitude.

And there needs to be another table, just as large, overwhelmed by a magnificent recreation of a slice of the world we adventure in.

Something akin to this:


Now all I have to do is win the lottery while I’m still young enough to enjoy it.


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