Rough excerpts from the Occult Detective RPG Core Book

The small Midwestern city of Wabash lies north of the river that shares its name, nestled between two man-made reservoirs. Before the white man came, the land was sacred to the Potawatomi and Miami Indians and the area is still infused with the mystic energies that first drew native tribes to it.

With its rich history and diverse cultures, Wabash, on the surface, appears to be like any other small city one would find in middle America, but lurking beneath the surface lies something altogether different.

The city’s population is largely made up of ordinary folks who go about their daily lives oblivious to that which makes the world of OCCULT DETECTIVE: The Roleplaying Game tick.


There are four types of characters one is apt to run into in an OCCULT DETECTIVE game.

The first, being those normal, every day folk, you don’t really need to concern yourself with… The other three types of characters? They might be of more import because they not only make up the occult detectives of the game, but often times the antagonists as well.

These are the player character types:

Naturals are those ordinary people who get caught up in extraordinary events…

Defined as ‘beyond what is normal or natural’, Preternaturals in the world of OCCULT DETECTIVE: The Roleplaying Game are magicians, occultists, alchemists, shamans, and the like…

‘Attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature’, the third player character type is made up of supernatural beings. These Supernaturals have an entirely different range of abilities…but they also have their own set of unique weaknesses that set them apart.


7 responses to “Rough excerpts from the Occult Detective RPG Core Book

    • Not soon enough.

      We’re still in the playtesting phase. As soon as we’re happy with it, we’ll make an announcement. Our goal is to see it launched this time next year. A lot of that is going to depend on financing.


    • Thanks. I always had an interest in CoC, but my gaming group growing up only gave it a passing glance. I suppose OD is a synthesis of several horror-themed rpgs, hopefully with plenty of mechanics that are all its own.


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