Rock & Roll20


Exactly one year ago today, the 8th of November 2015, the Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club played our first game via Roll20. Since then, I have logged about 500 hours on the site. There are lots of pros and cons, but it has grown on me.

Being able to get together from the comfort of our own home has been a godsend. Mike, who lives in Louisiana, can now play regularly, and Steve can pop in from Chicago far more easily than making a round trip eight-plus hour drive down twice a month.

Roll20 could never replace all of us getting together around a table, but it’s a terrific substitute. Yes, there are technical glitches and we stumble and fumble about generally for 30 minutes to an hour every session just getting the communication square, but once the audio gremlins are vanquished the world falls away and we’re in the game.

I really appreciate the Fog of War and Dynamic Lighting effects. The online record sheets are terrific from both a player and DM perspective. The built-in music and sound effects are transportive. And let’s face it, digital tokens and battlemaps really do elevate the game in an affordable fashion.

Would I prefer an unlimited budget and a weekly in-person game complete with painted miniatures and elaborate Dwarven Forge sets? Yes. Yes I would.

Roll20 is so much more than just the ‘next-best-thing’ though. It’s magic at your fingertips… and that’s enough for me.


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