#RPGaDay Day 11: Alternate: Do you prefer set-length or open-ended play?


Day 10: Campaigns: do you prefer set-length or open-ended play?

I set out to answer today’s RPGaDay question — “What dead game would you like to see reborn?” — and waxed on and on about how little time I had for living and breathing games to concern myself with games that bellied up, then brought the one game I’d like to see round about again — The Riddle of Steel. Then I did a little google fu and discovered, quite to my surprise, that it is sort of still around, albeit on life support and in intensive care, which threw off the whole premise of my longish diatribe.

So, here’s a quick dip into one of the RPG Brigade’s alternate questions.

Set-length or open-ended?


Yeah, you know the answer to this already. I’m an open-ended guy. As a pantser, I like my worlds to live and breathe, and encourage that in my players. Oh sure, there are chapters, and my games feel more like a serial or multiple seasons of television than day to day drudgery, but I work hard so that the overall story feels more episodic, like a soap opera, only with swords and spells and the like.

I’ve nothing against set-length games. I’m sort-of running two set-length/open-ended hybrids right now. See, I’m planning a huge campaign that will start next year, so for now, I’ve got my players jumping through smaller hoops until I bring the big hoop out to play.

Anyway, that’s today’s answer. See you back here tomorrow…



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