Dice Upon A Time: Using NPCs to Engage Your Players

Oak Hill RPG Club

Utilizing NPCs to educate new players and to entice new and old players to roleplay is something that should be in every Dungeon Master’s Bag of Tricks. In the latest episode of Dice Upon A Time, Bob and Connor discuss their various approaches, offering DMs plenty of food for thought.

There is no greater tool for a DM than a host of Non-Player Characters, be they a one-off merchant stranded on the road with a busted axle or a reoccurring noblewoman who is constantly meddling in the party’s affairs.

NPCs bring life to a DM’s world. Their actions, in many ways, dictate those of the players. Through interactions with them, your players learn the subtleties of the world you’re creating. Whether on the small stage or in the spotlight, dead center, each and every  encounter with an NPC is an opportunity to encourage roleplay, to develop sub and main plotlines…

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