40 Years of D&D has all led to this

Oak Hill RPG Club

Just a quick note. We’ve been playtesting No Quarter for a couple of months, slowly rolling out the rule tweaks to get everyone acclimated to this next grand adventure, but I also have been planning a nostalgia campaign that I’ll be launching late this Fall.

This is my 40th  year of playing D&D and I wanted to acknowledge that with a throwback game, something that would honor where it all began for us. The obvious choice was to tackle B1-B2 for old times sake. That is where we started, but instead I settled on the Village of Hommlet.


It’s a great “throwback” module, one that has achieved that “legendary” status among us, and revisiting it will feel a lot like coming home. My players are excited for the chance to return to one of their all-time favorites.


But what my players don’t know is that I’m using that game to…

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