This past weekend, I had the pleasure of contributing to a web-feature on Horror Delve titled Ultimate Fantasy Creature List, sort of a companion to last year’s Ultimate Fantasy Weapons List.

For ‘Creature’ I tackled the draugr, providing both a very brief overview of the wight in question and a bit of artwork as well. I thought you might like a better look at the illustration… Not my best work, but fun nonetheless.



Happy Birthday, Frank Frazetta


February 9, 1928 — May 10, 2010

If I were to make a list of my Top 5 Influences, there is zero doubt that Frank Frazetta would be one of the first names to be included. I bought books, magazines, and albums based solely on his artwork, content be damned. His illustrations covered my walls, fired my imagination, and haunted my dreams.

Frank painted with a primal spirit and feral sexuality that was infectious. No artist had the impact on me that Frank Frazetta had. He created whole worlds with a brushstroke…





An idea for a T-Shirt up top and an announcement below it.

I’ve been trying to run three blogs and various other social media accounts for a while now. It’s really not been working out as I’d hoped. I’ve been proud of some of the things posted here on Dice Upon a Time, but as more and more of my focus drifts toward the creation of OCCULT DETECTIVE: The Roleplaying Game, it seems that those things would be better addressed at occultdetective.com.

I will still use this blog for #RPGaDay in August and other industry related events, like Tabletop Day and the like. I’ll also make periodic announcements here.

This is all to say that, yes, this site will be addressed less frequently and a lot of RPG content, especially as relates to OD:TRPG, will appear on the mothership from here on, but Dice Upon a Time is not being abandoned.

I’ll just be more scarce… which, I suppose, you’ve already noticed.

As we close out 2017, let’s see how the world turns and adjust accordingly.

Crits of Future Past


“Crits of Future Past”
Critical Role Fan Art

Have you ever wanted Vox Machina to review your creative efforts and give them a big thumbs-up? Have you ever wanted to see your art emblazoned across the chests of Critical Role fans across the world? Have you ever wanted to, like, just be in a room, one of those reserved spaces in a cool bar maybe, and have Matt and the gang sitting around you like the Last Supper, only they’re laughing at all your hilarious stories and jokes and telling you how awesome you are?

Well, anyway, we can help you with two of those things, at least.

That’s because we’re running a truly amazing contest – one where you can submit your coolest idea for a Critical Role t-shirt and possibly have that shirt offered for sale in the Geek & Sundry store. Sure, it might not be as incredible as that Last Supper situation. But we do what we can.

Of course now you’re all, “stop making dumb jokes and tell me how to enter the contest.” OK, OK, cool your jets.

HOW TO ENTER. The submission period begins now – like, as in, before you even started reading this. Just go to our contest page and submit your art (see guidelines below). The submission period ends at 11:59pm, Friday June 24. Click here to enter the contest.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. The Critical Role cast will review the entries (I know, right?!?) and choose their three favorites. They’ll announce them on the June 30th episode of Critical Role, and we’ll show them off on the screen.

THEN, VOTING BEGINS. When the finalists are announced, we’ll provide another link where people can vote for their favorite. The winning entry will be featured on a cool Critical Role t-shirt! Voting ends at 9am on July 5, and we’ll announce the winner shortly after that.

WHAT ELSE DOES THE WINNER GET? You’ll get paid! In the same we typically pay our artists and designers! We’ll discuss terms with the winner.

DUDE, DON’T WORRY. If you win, you’ll get a free shirt. We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.

THOSE GUIDELINES WE MENTIONED. First off, you should get an idea of the G&S flavor by perusing the shirts in our online store. Entries should be smaller than 15mb in size, and should be no more than eight colors because, y’know, ink costs money. If you win, you’ll need to provide a copy of your image file that our t-shirt engineers can work with – vector PDF, Adobe Illustrator or .EPS format.


Jeffrey Catherine Jones


Five years ago today Jeffrey Catherine Jones crossed over from this world to the next. She was 67 years old.


I’m not sure when I first became aware of her as an artist, but I think it must have been from the cover of Peter Saxon’s The Curse of Rathlaw, a book I stumbled upon at a yard sale when I was a wee lad of ten.

I bought it for a dime without cracking the spine. That cover illustration was all I needed to see…

Jones’ artwork to me seemed to be a perfect marriage between the elegance of John Waterhouse and the primal fire of Frank Frazetta.

Her paintings were works of beauty, but they were also visceral and terrifying.


Jeffrey Catherine Jones (10 January 1944 – 19 May 2011) is sorely missed, but her immortality is assured. Jones’ works will continue to inspire artists for generations to come, defining that divine union between graceful symmetry and ferine design.