Call the Banners!

Work on a new campaign world for my Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club mates continues. They’re all nearing 20th level after more than two years of play and I have stated my desire to start afresh in a new world, so I’m building it from the ground up.

I figure I have about 5 months to pull it off, so no worries… yet.

I have found myself needing a way to track Houses and their Lands, as this next campaign I intend to run with fewer ‘dungeon crawls’ and more intrigue oriented adventures. From a TV correlation, think ‘more Game of Thrones‘ and less ‘Shannara Chronicles‘.

Anyway, I threw this House Sheet together this morning. There is, admittedly, a healthy influence from some custom Song of Ice & Fire RPG sheets I tracked down on the internet, but I gave it some of my own flavor.

It has everything I think I’ll need for a quick, cursory glance as a DM, but playtesting will tell the tale.

House Sheet


A #ConanRPG Character Sheet to tide you over

On Friday Modiphius surprised their kickstarter backers with a little taste of the Robert E. Howard’s Conan RPG.

Now we’ve already had a healthy sample via the Conan QuickStart Rules, available FREE on Drive-Thru RPG, but this was something a whole lot more —an actual chapter from the Conan Core Book.

But it wasn’t just any chapter…this was the chapter on Character Creation.

I’ve got to tell you, I think rolling up characters this weekend is the most fun I’ve ever had generating a player character. It’s well-rounded, with a lot of in-depth content that delves not only into the mental and physical aspects of the character, but their psyche as well.

This is good stuff.

Anyway, all that said and done, I decided a character record sheet was in order so I “borrowed” the stylistic elements of the recent Dungeons & Dragons 5e sheets and added some Conan Pre-Test record sheet influences.

Feel free to use it as you see fit:



Stick ’em with the pointy end #BloodAndHonour

After two playtests we’re starting to get a handle on things.

We’ve got a working title & logo idea…



…and we’ve got a field of combatants assembled.

sheet ad

Best of all… the rules are really coming together.

Our first playtest, two nights ago, saw us as knight versus knight. It was a little rough around the edges but a lot of fun. We learned a lot from just one game.

Last night’s playtest was even better and our adjustments really intensified the game.

Now, with further tweaks, tonight’s playtest will give a pretty good indication if we’re ready to put together our first playtest package.

Wish us luck.


For Blood and Honour!

Here’s the test sheet for a new game my son dreamed up and I’ve been helping him tweak. He and I are in full on playtest mode right now, but as soon as we’re happy with the rules we’ll be inviting others in to test this thing.

Right now, it’s two Norsemen facing off with one another, but we’ll be integrating Knights, Swashbucklers, and even beasties into the mix for future installments.

Anyway, cheers…


Magic Item Cards

Here’s the template I made for the Magic Item Cards I’ll soon be introducing to my players. They are divided by armor, weapons, potions, rings, scrolls, staffs, rods and wands, spellbooks, and wondrous items.

magic item cards template

The card gives you plenty of space for appropriate artwork and pertinent statistics. The back of the card can be used for additional information.

The idea is that the players are responsible for the cards and must bring them to the table if they plan on using them. Obviously, for the consumables, when used the cards are returned to the DM.

I think this will potentially aid the players in keeping track of their items, keeping things from getting lost on a character sheet, and will help me keep a closer eye on them.

We’ll see…