#RPGaDay2017 Day 6: What would you do if you could game for a week?


Day 6: You can game every day for a week.
Describe what you’d do.

Well, as a DM, this would be a godsend, presuming, as this is a hypothetical, that I could have all my players in a single room for an entire week of D&D.

First, I would build a massive and elaborate set, using combinations of Dwarven Forge tiles, model railroad terrain, and various other concoctions.

Something like this —


Having a solid week to immerse ourselves in the game, I would build layers of political intrigue and Machiavellian scheming that would culminate in an epic castle siege and rollicking battle that would be heralded for ages to come.

What? A guy can dream can’t he?


The Demon Prince of Undeath — Orcus

Oh, Dungeons & Dragons, you get me. You really get me.

abyssHot on the heels of Pathfinder’s Occult Adventures comes something of an occult outing from Wizards of the Coast in the form of Out of the Abyss, the next big to-do conjured up for Dungeons & Dragons’ 5th Edition.

Wizards’ D&D Team describes it thusly:

Dare to descend into the Underdark in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game! 

The Underdark is a subterranean wonderland, a vast and twisted labyrinth where fear reigns. It is the home of horrific monsters that have never seen the light of day. It is here that the dark elf Gromph Baenre, Archmage of Menzoberranzan, casts a foul spell meant to ignite a magical energy that suffuses the Underdark and tears open portals to the demonic Abyss. What steps through surprises even him, and from that moment on, the insanity that pervades the Underdark escalates and threatens to shake the Forgotten Realms to its foundations. Stop the madness before it consumes you!

So, you’ve got Drow and Demons and the gods only know what else wrapped up in this hellish nightmare of an adventure. Throw in a Beholder and some Mind-flayers and it’s a party.

Speaking of party, check this cat out —


Like that? Want more? Head over to The Escapist for a more in depth preview. And for an even cooler sneak peek into what Out of the Abyss has in store for gamers, Acquisitions Inc will be delving into the Underdark at PAX Prime, tonight at 8:30pm (streaming on their Twitch Channel).

Homebrewed Occult Detective Class for your D&D 5e Campaign

dndlogoPaizo has delivered Occult Adventures and now they’ve announced both Strange Aeons and Horror Adventures. Well, we can’t let Pathfinder have all the fun. If you fancy playing an Occult Detective in your Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaigns, here’s a little something I homebrewed back in October of last year.

It has a few warts, but it’s a fun take on a classic trope.


od5e 22

od5e 2

If I were in charge of making the Dungeons & Dragons movie…

dndlogoYes, Virginia, there’s going to be (another) Dungeons & Dragons movie. Warner Bros, Sweetpea, & Hasbro have hammered out their clandestine deal. Palms have been crossed. Pacts have been signed. Sacrifices have been made. Souls have been bartered and sold.

And, yes, it is going to be set in the Forgotten Realms.

You knew it would be.

I mentioned yesterday I thought this to be a mistake.

As I see it, Dungeons & Dragons is not Lord of the Rings. It is not Game of Thrones. Saying you’re making a Forgotten Realms movie is, well, you making a Forgotten Realms movie. That is not the same thing as making a Dungeons & Dragons movie.

Not by a long shot.

Dungeons & Dragons is, first and foremost, a game.

The movie needs to address this.

You don’t have this:


Without this:


If I were making a Dungeons & Dragons movie it would begin with a group of friends coming together at an old bookstore, gathering around a table littered with maps and dice and miniatures, a Dungeon Master appropriately positioned behind his screen.

As players take their seats, with pencils and character sheets at the ready, the DM begins reciting the flavor text of the night’s adventure… the music turns ominous… the sounds of clashing steel and war cries can be heard… then the DM says, “Roll for Initiative” as he tosses a 20 sided die across the table.

The die tumbles toward the camera, looming larger until it transitions into a boulder crashing into a village hut, thrown by a hill giant. As villagers flee, we are introduced to the movies main characters, a diverse group of adventurers who slay the beast and are subsequently hired to uncover the reason behind these abnormal giant raids…

And thus Against the Giants begins… I realize the story would need to be tweaked here and there, but this would be a great launching point for a movie trilogy. There are giants and dragons and drow and… well, you get the idea.

The thing is, we don’t need just another generic fantasy movie. You need to hang the Dungeons & Dragons shingle on a movie that does more than acknowledge the name. It needs to honour the game.

But what do I know, I’ve just been DMing for close to 40 years.


Movies & Monsters (or Be Careful What You Wish For)


By now you’ve surely caught wind of the news that shook the (game) world: Warner Bros, Hasbro, and Sweetpea Entertainment ended their legal dispute over who would be lording over the launch of a cinematic Dungeons & Dragons franchise.


Essentially, everyone’s getting a piece of the pie and they are moving forward with a Warner Bros’ script penned by David Leslie Johnson of Red Riding Hood and Wrath of the Gods fame.

Hasbro’s legal team had this to say following the dismissal: “This settlement accomplished our overarching goal of unifying all Dungeons & Dragons rights under Hasbro’s control, paving the way to make a blockbuster film. It’s a great outcome for those involved — especially Dungeons & Dragons fans who will now get to see D&D on the big screen.”

Wait…come again?

Have they forgotten we’ve already suffered through three disgustingly ridiculous Dungeons and Dragons movies, let alone a retched Dragonlance animated film and, despite some people’s misguided nostalgia, a fairly preposterous animated series?

dndmovieLook, I’ll be the first one in line to see a quality Dungeons & Dragons movie. Once, twice, three times bitten, fourth shy though, right? I want it to be true. Now it’s up to Hasbro, Warner Bros, and Sweetpea (you know, the guys responsible for 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons, 2005’s Wrath of the Dragon God, and 2012’s The Book of Vile Darkness) to deliver.

Word is, we’ll be getting a film set in the Forgotten Realms Universe.

Not my first choice, but I can roll with it.

Their best (and easiest) course would be to adapt the Icewind Dale Trilogy, in my opinion, but with a script already in hand, Johnson’s Chainmail, I believe that ship has sailed.


I want nothing more than this to be successful, for this to be the start of a wondrous franchise akin to what Marvel has done. I think we all want that. Trouble is, the track record is not good… I will remain tentatively optimistic until more news leaks from the powers that be.